Wisconsin man combines walnut removal service with nut sales

A Wisconsin man turned a local nuisance into a profitable business by offering his services removing walnuts from yards — and then selling them.

Jesse Peterson, a Middleton resident and owner of J’s Black Walnuts, said he offers his services to residents in Sauk City, Beaver Dam, Verona, Middleton and Belleville to remove black walnuts from their yards free of charge.

Peterson said property owners often see the walnuts as a nuisance, as they can cause hazards for lawn mowers and turn into a mess if they rot on the ground.

He said the walnuts he collects end up in his garage, and once the winter arrives, he spends his time removing the meat to sell on his website for $22 per pound, $11.50 for 8 ounces and $6 for 4 ounces.

Peterson said he also sells the nuts at farmers markets in Promega and Fitchburg. He said other local vendors use his nuts as ingredients for cookies, bread and other foods.

“This is tree to yard to my garage to table,” Peterson told the Wisconsin State Journal. “I’m about as big as I can get right now with one person.”