Brian Belichick: Patriots defensive substitution problems are unacceptable

The Patriots are 1-3 and there are plenty of areas they need to improve if they are going to get to a winning record this year, including their substitution patterns on defense.

Each of their last two losses have featured issues on that front. The Saints scored a touchdown against a 10-man Patriots defense in Week Three and they got flagged for having 12 men on the field in last Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers. They also had to burn a timeout because of substitution issues in the loss to Tampa.

On Tuesday, Patriots safeties coach Brian Belichick called the issues inexcusable.

“Yeah, it’s just something that’s unacceptable, obviously,” Belichick said, via “There is not much to say about it. I think we all know that it’s unacceptable. There’s no excuses for it to happen. And we all need to know our . .. who needs to be on the field regardless of the group or the situation or whatever. That’s something . . . everyone expects us [to get it right] for 100 percent of the plays and if it’s on 99 percent of the plays then it’s unacceptable. We just need to get it right.”

Belichick’s brother Steve is the primary defensive play caller and his father Bill oversees the entire Patriots operation, so fixing the problem ahead of Week Five’s date with the Texans will be a family affair in New England.