Jonathan Gannon says patience with himself wearing thin amid Eagles defensive issues

The Philadelphia Eagles defense has struggled mightily the last two weeks in losses to the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles have allowed over 76 offensive points combined with the Chiefs putting up 471 yards of total offense.

Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is frustrated with his performance as much as anything and is intent on getting things back on track.

“My level of patience, it’s wearing thin on myself,” Gannon said, via Les Bowen of the Associated Press. “‘Hey, Jonathan, let’s get them in better position, so we give our team a chance to win the game.’ It’s not really toward getting irritated at the players. That’s how I’ll always roll, that’s how the coaches roll.”

While the Cowboys and Chiefs have two of the more potent offensive attacks in the NFL, allowing close to 40 points a game makes it difficult for their own offense to keep up. The Eagles allowed just six points in a Week One victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The San Francisco 49ers won in Week Two, but scored just 17 points in doing so. The Cowboys and Chiefs proved far more capable of exposing the flaws the Eagles have on that side of the ball.

Gannon said the focus needs to be on catering the defense to best serve the skills of the players they have at their disposal.

“Just because I like something, or the coaches like something, if the players can’t execute it, or it’s not the best thing for them, throw it away,” Gannon said. “The last two games, we’re continuing to figure that out as we go. And we need to figure it out fast. Because we can’t keep looking like that. I know that.”