TU Wien

TU is one of the most successful technology-centric universities in Europe and Austria’s largest technical-scientific research and education institution. The Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems performs research in Web Science, Semantic Web and Linked Data (within its Linked Data Lab), Software Engineering and Collective Intelligence, amongst others.

TU contributes academic competence in Linked Data, Semantic Web technologies, Cyber-physical systems (from an Industrie 4.0 angle), Collective Intelligence and Software Engineering. Additionally, the project team contributes an extensive skillset that includes project management (scientific and contractual) and prototype development.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Marta Sabou (PI)
  • Elmar Kiesling, PhD (Co-PI)
  • Peb R. Aryan, MT
  • Fajar J. Ekaputra, MT
  • Angelika Musil, MSc

WU Wien

WU is the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. The Institute of Information Business focuses its research efforts on knowledge management, decision support systems, business process management, intelligent data management and (standards and applications of) the Semantic Web and Linked (open and closed) Data, and is highly active in international collaborations with world-class partners.

WU brings in academic expertise in technology gaps and cutting-edge research on Linked Data topics especially in the context of secure and privacy-aware access control. Moreover, WU has an established research reputation in the topic of business process management and process intelligence. WU is a full member of the W3C where its members actively contribute to standards in the area of Linked Data. It is WU’s goal to bridge between research and industry and to enable the potential of Semantics Web and Linked Data technologies, by providing the full range of foundational research to practical applications in enterprises.

Team Members:

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Axel Polleres (PI)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling (Co-PI)
  • Amr Azzam
  • Dina Bayomie
  • Alessio Cecconi
  • Dr. Claudio Di Ciccio​
  • Dr. Javier Fernandéz

Wiener Stadtwerke

The Wiener Stadtwerke Group makes an important contribution to the high-level living standards in the City of Vienna. The reliable and environmentally sustainable supply of energy is just as much the responsibility of the Group as it is to ensure efficient local public transport. WStW generates annual revenues of just over three billion euros. Approximately 16.100 employees work at the Group. WStW is owned by the City of Vienna and acts as a strategic and organizational umbrella company for the Group.

WStW will contribute its knowledge on large-scale city infrastructures, its current CPS as well as use cases on how to extend these to CPSS.

Team members:

  • Dr. Reiner Kegel (PI)
  • Mag. Pujan Shadlau

Semantic Web Company

SWC is a Viennese SME founded in 2001 that offers ICT consulting services and solutions in the fields of semantic information management. This includes data- and metadata management, knowledge- and information management systems, linked open data (LOD), enterprise search and social software. SWCs work is always based on open semantic web standards to ensure interoperability and sustainability for our solutions. By providing practice-oriented knowledge transfer and consulting services (beside technology) SWC helps companies and public organizations to integrate and apply semantic technologies for various purposes such as enterprise taxonomy management, data management, -integration and publishing, enterprise search, resource- and information- and knowledge management.

SWC has profound expertise in building stable and sustainable Semantic Web applications and solutions from requirements engineering over specification, design and implementation to maintenance and professional services. SWC self-developed PoolParty Semantic Suite for enterprise-ready solutions in taxonomy management, metadata management and data integration, including text mining, entity extraction, data integration and semantic search applications. SWC has extensive expertise in semantic technologies, Linked (Open) Data and data.

Team members:

  • Thomas Thurner (PI)
  • Roberd David
  • Artem Revenko