Dissemination activities for CitySPIN in Australia!

The word got spread about the CitySPIN project in Australia!

The paper entitled “Interestingness of Traces in Declarative Process Mining: The Janus LTLpf Approach” from Alessio Cecconi et al. has been presented by Alessio at the 16th Int. Conference on Business Process Management in Sydney, NSW.

The aim of the presented approach is to single out those rules that are of true interest for process mining purposes, among all those that are possibly satisfied in an event log. This becomes of particular relevance in the context of WP5, centred around process mining from linked data.

A few days after, Claudio Di Ciccio has held a CIS research seminar at the University of Melbourne on the reasoning and mining of declarative process models. Among the discussed points, the enhanced language for the inclusion of data in declarative behavioural process specifications of CitySPIN Deliverable D5.1 has been described.

Both talks have sparked fruitful discussions on the matter and paved the path for future research endeavours on the mining of declarative rules from rich event logs such as the ones of CPSSs.